Connect with Partners and Colleagues

Extend the capabilities and familiarity of Microsoft Office to connect with partners and colleagues around the world. Leverage your existing infrastructure to deliver audio, video, and Web conferencing, instant messaging and presence, and enterprise voice, all accessible directly from Office Outlook and the unified communications (UC) interface called Office Communicator/Lync.

Lync is proven to reduce operational costs with its ease-of-use and implementation of voice-over-IP (VOIP), and increase business productivity by making it quick-and-easy for employees to collaborate and share desktops.

This latest version offers enhanced integration, enterprise reliability, and more powerful administration tools for IT Professionals.

It's also extensible such that developers can embed Lync elements in their applications and provide access to all UC-enabled services from any phone.

Communicator/Lync Screenshots

Here is a screenshot showing Lync contacts presence within an Outlook email message. Lync supports integration with Exchange Server Mail accounts, Active Directory accounts, POP/3 and SMTP accounts, and other types of messaging accounts and directories.
Here is another screenshot showing Lync integration with Outlook (Exchange Server). So from the familiar Office and Outlook interface, users get direct access to all new forms of communication and collaboration including: instant messaging, online presence integration, audio, video, and Web conferencing, application/desktop sharing, and file transfer.

Here is a screenshot showing the options available for a contact in Lync. Not only does Lync minimize the need for corporate travel by connecting teammates virtually, but even the virtual connections themselves are cheaper for businesses because Lync leverages Voice-over-IP (VOIP), thereby elmininating the costs and dependencies associated with traditional PBX switching systems and the landline telephone companies (TELCO).
Here is a screenshot of a video conferencing call.
Here is another screenshot of a video conferencing call.
Here is a screenshot of dialing a phone number using the dialpad.
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